Dedicated Servers

They have arrived!! Prestigious Hosting is now proud to present to you our new and powerful dedicated servers! This has been a long awaited milestone for us and we are very much happy to announce it! As a gift to our current clients, if you are willing to purchase a server send us a ticket and let us know so you can get 10% off your first ... Read More »

1st Aug 2018
Website launched

After much changes and alternations, we have finally launched our new website layout! This layout will hopefully provide users wit ha better experience and ease of access! Please enjoy all and thank you for chooing our hosting!

Best Regards,

10th Jul 2018

Our website is currently going through some changes! Some pages may be unresponsive such as FAQ's, Abouts Us, and other pages. Please be patient as we are working on getting our website fully functional again!

Thank you,

2nd Jul 2018
Website Maintenance

We are currently undergoing website maintenance in order to help you all have a better experience. For now you will be redirected to the WHMCS at all time until the website is up and running! Should be fine within the next 24 hours!

Sorry if any inconvenience has been caused,

1st Jul 2018
Smart DNS Services

Our Smart DNS Services have been upgraded! Faster and more reliable speeds for your streaming needs! We'd like to thank you for choosing our service and hope you enjoy!

29th Jun 2018
Prestigious Hosting

To all our current customers and testers. I thank you for using my service and I promise you many discounts and advantages for any future products. Live Support will be added in the near future and I am trying my best to keep up with any support tickets and inquiries! I thank you once again for being a part of my project and I promise I will ... Read More »

18th May 2018

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